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Nourish the Planet from Pod to Plate and Back Again

No one should have to wonder where their next meal is coming from. That’s why we do what we do. Powered by circularity – reusing resources as many times as possible – we are shaping the future of farming.

Better Food | Zero Waste | Locally Grown | 365 Days

We call that a win for food security and sustainability – wouldn’t you?

Modern cities are a beautiful cross-section of culture, and the food we grow reflects that diversity. From Kohlrabi to Romanesco, our wide array of international produce options lets people reconnect with their global roots through locally grown food.

Food carries our cultural history and personal meaning. It tells stories and conjures memories. When you don’t have access to the produce you love, it can be harder to connect with your roots.

We provide people with the foods that matter most to them equitably, securely, and affordably.

Food circulation

Our Circular Business Model
Redefining a Resilient Supply Chain

Grower plus business model

Whether you know the term circularity or not, chances are you already understand the concept. If something is sustainable, it can keep going. Our growing processes reuse every input – from water to organic waste – up to 8 times, resulting in zero waste. That’s a win for business, people, and environment.

Vertical farming pod

Optimized Innovation

This isn’t the same old hydroponics. Our vertical farming Pods use innovative technology like robotics, data optimization, machine learning, automation, and smart-connected infrastructure to grow food right where it’s needed, regardless of season.

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